November 17, 2011

How To Link To An Email Address

An active link to an email address can be added to your blog similar to linking to a website.

When you link to a website, the website URL includes http:// before the address. For instance:

If you want to link to an email address, however, you will use mailto: instead of http:// before your address.

In the URL field, enter the email address with the mailto: as:

When you click a link to an email address, the link will attempt to open the default email program and start a new email to the linked email address. If you do not have a default email program, like Outlook or Mail, enabled on your computer, clicking a linked email address may not result in any action or you may be prompted to set up an email program. If you use a browser based webmail application, like Gmail or Yahoo!, you would need to right-click on the email link to copy the email address and paste the email in to your preferred email application.

To link to an email address in a Post or Page

When composing your post or page, click the Insert Link Insert Link button in the Rich Text toolbar. In the pop-up field, enter mailto: followed by the email address.

Insert Email Link

To link to an email address in the blog's sidebar

Typepad has a default Email Me module which can be added to your blog at Design > Content.

However, you may want to use the Embed Your Own HTML module to add a custom link if you want to use a different email address or just include different text in your link. Below is an example of the code you can use to display a custom email link in your sidebar:

<p>We want to hear from you! <a href=" Feedback">Send us an email.</a></p>

Once you have configured the code for your email link, go to Design > Content, select Embed Your Own HTML, and click Add This Module. Enter the code in the pop-up box and click OK. After rearranging your content, click Save Changes to update your blog.

Encoding the email address to be linked

You can also generate code to secure your email address and prevent the email address from being scraped using an encoder. While securing your email address is not a bad idea, it also makes it difficult for readers of your site to copy your email address.

When you have the code for the coded link, you can add the code to the Embed Your Own HTML module to place the link in your sidebar. The code for the encoded email address link can be added to a Post or Page by placing the code in the HTML editor.


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