August 12, 2011

Insert Video

If you would like to upload videos directly to your Typepad blog, please see Uploading Video Files.

The Insert a Video feature provides an easy way to embed videos from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu and many others. To get started, click on the Insert a Video icon in the Compose toolbar.


For information on YouTube videos, see the upload and embed YouTube videos article.

The Insert Video tool will open and you'll be given the choice to enter a URL or Embed the code for the video. If you choose to enter the URL for the video, Typepad will use that information to insert the player into your post. Typepad will use a standard video player size that will fit nicely into most blog templates.


The URL for a video can be obtained by copying the URL for the page the video is hosted on from your browser's address bar. Some services, like YouTube, present the URL next to or near the video itself.

Typepad supports URL to embed for the following services:,,,,,,,,,

If a service provides an embed code, you can copy that from the video's page and paste the code into the Embed option in the Insert Video tool.


Many services will allow you to customize the video, like selecting a border or or player size. You would make these selections before copying the embed code and pasting that into the Insert Video tool.

After you have inserted your video, you will see the embedded player in the post if your browser supports it or a placeholder if your browser does not. You can use the Preview button on the Compose page to see how the video player will look in the published post.


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