August 12, 2011

Insert Audio

The Insert Audio feature provides an easy way to upload MP3 files with an embedded audio player that your visitors can use to play the audio right from their browser. To get started, click on the Insert Audio icon in the Compose toolbar.


Browse your computer, locate the MP3 file you'd like to upload. and click Upload File.


The Insert Audio tool will detect that the file is in the MP3 format and use the file for an embedded audio player. If the file is not in MP3 format, you will instead see a link to download the file, rather than the audio player.

After inserting your audio file, you can edit the text for the file in the audio player by simply highlighting it with your cursor and then typing the new title.

The player uses a small script that allows the file to be played in the reader's browser while viewing your blog. Hovering over the file name with your mouse will display the play/pause buttons.


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