August 02, 2017

Image Gallery 2017

The Image Gallery allows you to display a group of photos within a post or page in a grid or horizontal scrollbar. Then, readers can click on any image to open the full size image and navigate through the images in a pop-up box.

Create Gallery

When composing a Post or Page, click the Insert Image button in the toolbar. Click on Browse or Choose Files and select 2 or more images to display. The images can be dragged to the preferred order.

Click to Edit the image settings and select Image Gallery.

Insert Image Gallery

Gallery Options

  • Thumbnail Size: Choose the size of the thumbnail images which are embedded in the body of the post or page. The full size image will display in the pop-up.
  • Gallery Width: Choose the number of images to display across in a grid. If you choose the Scroll Gallery, the width will be automatic.
  • Gallery Border: Choose to display a border around the gallery.
  • Scroll Gallery: Selecting the Scroll Gallery will display the thumbnail images horizontally in a box which readers can scroll to see all the images.
  • Gallery Title: Enter a title for the gallery which will display in the post or page. This is optional.
  • Gallery Description: Enter a description for the gallery which will display below the Gallery Title in the post or page. This is optional.

All of the Image Gallery settings can be changed later. After selecting the options for your gallery, click Insert Image(s).

Edit Image Gallery

After inserting the gallery into the post or page, the gallery can be edited in many ways.

Rearrange Photos

Click once on an image to select it. A grey bar will appear below the image. Click on the bar to drag the image to a different location within the gallery.


Add Image Title and Alt-title

Click once on an image to select it. Then, click the Insert Image button in the toolbar.


In Insert Images box, you can enter the Selected Image Title. The Title will display below the full size image in the light box gallery display.

Additionally, you can enter the Selected Image Alt. The alt-title would display if the image does not load and is used by search engines to categorize the photo in search results.

Click Done to save the settings for the selected image. Repeat the above for each image to add a Title or Alt-Title.

Additional edits to the photos can be done by double-clicking on any image in the gallery to open the Edit Image box. Learn more.

Updated 03 August 2017

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