August 19, 2011

Blog Settings: Import/Export

You can import your posts, comments, and TrackBacks into Typepad from another blog or create an export file of your Typepad blog. To access these features, go to Settings > Import/Export.


You can import posts in either the Movable Type Import Format (MTIF) used by Typepad and Movable Type or WordPress WXR (a type of XML) format. If your blogging system doesn't export content in one of these formats, you may be able to create your own file in the proper format.

Information on importing from Blogger or Blogspot can be found here, and information on importing from WordPress is available here.

On the Import/Export page, in the Import section, select the type of file you are going to import.

Typepad, Movable Type, or other MTIF file
Select this option if your file is in the Movable Type Import Format.
If your blog is hosted by, Typepad can pull your content directly from your account. Learn more.
WordPress WXR file
Select this option if your blog is on self-hosted software, or you otherwise have an import file in WordPress XML. Recommended if you are importing a blog with multiple authors. Learn more.

When you select the type of file, you will see additional options related to the import type you have selected.

For the MTIF type and the WXR type, you will have the option to upload an import file from your computer, or to enter the URL if the file is located online.

For the type, you will see fields to enter the URL of your blog and your username and password. This information is used only for the import and is not stored or saved by Typepad.

Enter the appropriate information to allow Typepad to access your import file, then click the Import button.

You do not have to stay on the Import/Export page while your posts are importing, but can work elsewhere on your blog, then check back to see when the import has completed.

When the import is done, you will see your imported posts on the Posts page, and can view them on your published blog.

Multiple Authors

With the WordPress import options, you can import a blog which has posts created by more than one author.

After you select or WordPress WXR file, you will have the option to Import authors and attribute their posts to them. By selecting to import authors, the imported posts will be attributed to the authors. If you do not select this option, all posts will be assigned to the owner of the blog.

Each imported author will have free, guest accounts created in Typepad after the import is complete. The new authors will be notified via email how to access their account.

The authors will be designated as Junior Authors. The Owner of the blog can change the status of any author at Settings > Authors. Learn more.

Notes on import

Files linked in the imported file will not be uploaded on import.

Images embedded into your posts using the img src tag (typically thumbnail images) will be uploaded to your Typepad account. In most cases, the thumbnail images will be linked to the full size image. The linked image will not be uploaded to your Typepad account.

Typepad does not import WordPress tags.


You can create an export file for your blog in the Movable Type Import Format. This export file can be used as a backup, or to transfer your blog into another Typepad blog or account, or to migrate your blog to another service.

To create an export file, go to Settings > Import/Export and scroll down to the Export section. Click the Export button to generate the export file. Once the export is complete, you will see a download link. If you are using the Windows OS, click on the link with the right mouse button and choose Save Target As or Save Link As to save the export file to your computer. If you are on a Mac, hold down the Control key while clicking the link and choose the Save Link As menu option.

Notes on Export

Typepad does not include your image or other files inserted into posts in the export file. As long as your Typepad blog remains up, your new site will display the images, but if you delete your Typepad blog, you will need to manually upload the images to the new site.


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