November 14, 2011

How can I give feedback on other blogs?

When reading the posts on one of your favorite Typepad blogs, you can give feedback to the post author by submitting a comment, marking a post as a favorite, or sharing the post on your own blog by reblogging it.

Comment on a blog

When you want to leave a public comment on a blog post, click the Comments link in the post footer to go to the comments form.

Click the Sign in with Typepad link before you comment to connect your comment to your Typepad Profile. When you sign in to Typepad, your Profile Photo will display next to your comment on your posts.

After you sign in, you'll see the You are signed in as text above the comment form. Enter your comment text and click Post.

If the blog author moderates comments, your comment may not appear on the published post right away as the author will need to approve all comments.

Favorite a post

Ever read a blog post you really enjoyed but you don't necessarily need to leave a comment? Typepad makes it easy to let the post author and your Typepad community know you like the post by clicking the Favorite button.

At the end of a post, click the Favorite button. After you click Favorite, the button will change to orange and display A Favorite to designate you have selected the post as a favorite. Your Typepad Profile Photo will be added to the end of the post to show that you have marked it as a Favorite as well.

Reblog a post

While reading a blog post, you can reblog the post on your own blog to share it with your readers. Typepad blogs will have the Reblog button in the post footer which can be clicked to open the Blog It pop-up directly on the webpage. See the Reblog article for more details.

You can also reblog any website using the Blog It tool. From the blog Overview page in your Typepad account, add the Blog It to your browser bookmarks. Next time you are on a site you want to post about, select the Blog It bookmark to open the pop-up window and compose your post directly from the webpage.

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