June 23, 2011

Adding Google Analytics Stats

At Settings > Add-Ons you to easily integrate Google Analytics into your blog.

About Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a third-party web analytics solution that provides website traffic reporting. Use Google Analytics in addition to stats on TypePad for a comprehensive view of the visitors to your blog. See the Google Analytics help site for detailed information.

If you don't already have a Google Analytics account, you can register for a free account here

Note: If you are creating a Google Analytics account for the first time, do not follow the Add Tracking steps. Select Finish to retrieve your UA number.

Finding your UA number

Within your Google Analytics account, the UA number is listed in the Website Profiles table under Name. If you see a display name or the URL to your blog instead, then you will need to click into the specific account to view the UA number.

UA Number

Copy the UA number from your Google account and paste that into the UA Number field at Settings > Add-ons within your TypePad account and click Save Changes.

Once you have added the UA number, TypePad will automatically add the correct code for Google Analytics to track visits to all pages of your blog. You do not need to add any other code to your site as TypePad does it for you.

Important Note

If you have previously added the Google Analytics tracking code via a TypeList or Advanced Template module, you should remove it if you plan on adding the same UA number at Settings > Add-Ons.

By default, TypePad includes internal Google Analytics tracking to your blog. This tracking code will not interfere with any other UA numbers you add for your personal Google Analytics account.


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