September 09, 2013

Google+ Authorship Integration

By connecting your Google+ profile with Typepad, Google can verify you as a contributor to your blog, and you can be credited as the author of posts published to your blog when your posts are featured in Google search, news, and other Google products.

Connect Google+

At Account > Google Settings, click the Sign In button. Pop-up windows will need to be allowed in order to proceed. If you aren't already signed in to Google, you'll be prompted to enter your Google sign in details.

Sign In To Google+

You'll be prompted to choose to make your activity visible to certain people or circles or only you. Then, click the Accept button. Your Google Profile ID and User Name will be completed automatically and display within your Typepad account. Click Save to complete the connection.

Your Google+ account will be added to the Other Accounts module as well.

Manage Your Authorship Settings

At Account > Google Settings, click the Manage your Authorship settings link to go to the Other Accounts options where you can add or remove the display of your Google+ account from your Typepad Profile by clicking Edit.

Disconnect Google+

At Account > Google Settings, click the Disconnect button and click OK to confirm the disconnection. Your Google+ account will also be removed from the Other Accounts module.

Display Author Name

In Typepad, you can add the author name to the footer of your posts to identify the author of each post on your blog.

With basic templates, go to Design > Content, click the pencil icon next to the Post Footer module, check the box to display the Author Name, click OK, and click Save Changes.

Post Footer Configuration

With Advanced Templates, update the Main Index, Individual Archives, Category Archives, and DateBased Archives template to replace:

<$MTTrans phrase="Posted by [_1] at" param="MTEntryAuthorNickname"$>

With the below code and click Save Changes:

Posted by <a rel="author" href="<$MTEntryAuthorProfileURL$>"><$MTEntryAuthorNickname$></a>

Please note it can take some time for Google's indexes to update with your updated authorship information. You can use Rich Snippets tool to verify whether the Authorship feature is in effect.


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