July 05, 2011

Add Google +1 Button

By adding the Google +1 button to your Post Footer, readers of your blog can designate they recommend the post in Google's search results.

Typepad makes it easy to add the +1 button to your post's footer. Go to Design > Content and click the icon next to the Post Footer module.

In the Post Footer Configuration pop-up box, check the box next to Google +1 and click OK. Finally, click Save Changes to update your blog.

For Advanced Templates, the code for the +1 button is available here.

There will be two sets of code, as seen below:

Google +1 Code for Advanced Templates

The first set needs to be added within the HEAD tags. The second set of code generated the button and needs to be added to the Main Index, Category Archive, and DateBased Archive templates, within the MTEntries container, where you want it to appear. There is not an MTEntries container for the Individual Archive template, so the code can be placed directly into the entry-footer section.

Note: Due to how Google has configured the +1 button, there is a space between the +1 and Like buttons if you have both buttons selected. If an option becomes available to reduce the space, Typepad will update the button to reflect the changes.


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