August 19, 2011

Domain Mapping: GoDaddy

If you have not purchased a domain to use with your blog, we recommend GoDaddy because it is one of the easier registrar services to use with Typepad. You can purchase your new domain at GoDaddy before getting started with the domain mapping process.

Add the domain to your Typepad account

In Typepad, go to Account > Domain Mapping and click the Begin Here: Map a Domain Name button.

Enter the Domain Name and choose to map the domain to a single blog/photo album or your entire site. Be sure to enter www or other subdomain that you are using so that your domain mapping is set up correctly. Click Add Domain Mapping. More information is available in the Setting up Domain Mapping article.

Edit the CNAME Record at GoDaddy

When you log into GoDaddy, click on My Account and open the Domains section. Click Launch next to the domain you wish to map to go to Domain Details.

Please note GoDaddy has several different paths to reach the DNS Manager to edit the CNAME Record. If you are in the Domain Manager, instead of the My Account section, click on the domain and follow the steps below. If you are in the DNS Manager already, click the Edit Zone link and skip the next step.

Below the DNS Manager section click Launch to edit the zone file for the domain.

Launch DNS Manager

If you do not see the DNS Manager for the domain, make sure the domain is parked at GoDaddy. After parking the domain at GoDaddy, it may take several minutes for the changes to resolve and allow you to edit the CNAME Record.

Under CNAME (Alias), click the pencil icon to edit the "www" Host and enter your domain name, e.g. Important: the "points to" should be just your subdomain without a folder or http:// prefix. The specific blog to map to is set inside Typepad.

Click Save Zone. You'll be prompted to confirm the changes by clicking OK. An additional prompt from GoDaddy regarding the time to process the changes can also be closed by clicking OK.

Confirm the Points To setting for the "www" Host is showing your domain name.

Activate your domain in Typepad

After setting the CNAME Record at Godaddy, it can take 24-48 for the domain to resolve, and you can verify the changes have resolved following the instructions here. Once the CNAME is set up correctly, go to Account > Domain Mapping inside your Typepad account. Check the Activate link next to the domain.

Please note that if you set your domain to Active before your domain resolves, your stylesheet and design will disappear. To get your design back, you will need to deactivate domain mapping.

Domain without the www

By setting up forwarding at GoDaddy for your domain as well, your domain will be accessible at or

To enable forwarding in GoDaddy, go to the Domain Details. Under Forwarding, click Manage.

Enter the URL for your registered domain in the format of:

Open Advanced Options and select Forward Only. Do not select the masking option. Click OK to save the settings.

All changes to forwarding for your domain at GoDaddy take several hours. Typically the non-www foward will be in place within 5-6 hours but it can take longer. The CNAME Record changes at GoDaddy resolve usually within the hour.

Updated 11 May 2017

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