August 12, 2011

Glossary of Terms M-Z


Mixed Media Layout

The Mixed Media Layout is a layout perfect for displaying a mix of text, photos, video, audio and other types of media. They are ideal when posting remotely using a mobile device such as a mobile phone with camera. You can find more on this under Select a Layout.


Moblogging, short for Mobile Blogging, is the ability to add posts to your blog via email or a mobile device.


Moderation is the option to hold comments and/or TrackBacks for approval. All TrackBacks and/or comments posted to your blog will remain unpublished until the Author of the post has approved them. This can help to prevent spam and unwanted comments or TrackBacks from being published to your blog. You can find more on this under Blog Settings: Comments.



Pagination allows your blog to return a subset of all of your blog posts or comments to a specific page. The first page of results will display a given number of posts or comments, for example 20, and then include a link to the next page. That page would have another 20 posts listed and a link to both the next page and previous page.

Password Protection

Password Protection allows you to require your readers to know the username and password you've set before they can view your blog. You can find more on this under Password Protection.


The Permalink is the permanent location for a blog post. When you click the Permalink it takes you to the archived page for that post. The URL for this page is used to link directly to that specific post. When a post is no longer displayed on the Main Index, it is still always accessible at the Permalink location. More information can be found in Organize Content.

Photo Album

Photo Albums are a Typepad-specific feature that allows users to easily upload, organize and share photos. You can find more on this under Photo Albums Overview.


Podcasting is a method of sharing media files posted to your blog. Readers can subscribe to your Podcasting feed to receive updates of new files. These are usually audio files, though they can be any type of multimedia files including video. See the article on Podcasting.


A Post is an entry on your blog. You can find more about this under Overview of Compose.



QuickPost is a bookmarklet that allows you to post to Typepad without going through the Typepad main interface. You can find more about this in Typepad QuickPost.


Referring Address

A referring address is the URL for the link that a visitor follows to view your blog. More information is available in Blog Overview and Stats.

Rich Text

The Rich Text editor is a tool in Typepad that allows you to easily format the text in a post. This lets you add formatting such as italics, bolding and links without the use of HTML. More information on this can be found under Overview of the Rich Text Toolbar.


RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and is a type of file format used by aggregators to monitor syndicated web content. More information on this can be found at Wikipedia and under Blog Settings: Feeds.



The Stats feature tracks the number of page views for your blogs and Photo Albums, and the referring pages. More information is available in the Blog Overview and Stats article.


Tip Jar

Typepad's Tip Jar allows you to earn tips on your blog or to gather donations for your favorite causes. The donations are collected through PayPal. Tip Jars are available to Pro subscribers only. (more info)


A TrackBack is a notification that lets another blog owner know that you are discussing the same topic on your own blog. You can find more on this under What is TrackBack?.


TypeLists allow you to easily create lists of your favorite books, CDs, websites, blogs, or any other media that matters to you. TypeLists can be added to your blog's sidebar and don't require you to know HTML. You can find more about this in TypeLists Overview.



A URL is commonly called a web address and is usually shown in the address bar of a web browser. More information can be found at Wikipedia.



A widget is a piece of content or functionality provided by a third party that you can place in the sidebar of your Typepad blog. Technically, it's a snippet of HTML and/or JavaScript that you can manage like any other sidebar content module on your blog.

More Terms

See Glossary of Terms: A-L.


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