August 12, 2011

Advanced Templates: Global Tags

When using Advanced Templates, global tags can be used in conjunction with other tags (like date formatting, post tags, etc.) to force case, strip HTML tags, and so on.

Advanced Template Set designs are available with the Unlimited, Premium, and Business Class plans.

Strips all HTML from the contents of the tag.
Example usage:
<$MTEntryBody remove_html="1"$>
Forces uppercase for characters in tag.
Example usage:
<$MTEntryTitle upper_case="1"$>
Forces lowercase for characters in tag.
Example usage:
<$MTArchiveDate format="%B" lower_case="1"$>
Tip: This tag is good for making AM/PM display as am/pm.
Trims the tag value to the first N characters, where N is specified as the value of the attribute.
Example usage:
<$MTEntryTitle trim_to="N"$>
Properly encodes content for use in an XML document and is used in the Atom and RSS feed templates
Example usage:
<$MTEntryBody encode_xml="1"$>
Converts tag to all lower-case, strips non-alphanumeric characters, and converts spaces to underscores. Good for converting content to a form suitable for use in a file or directory name.
Example usage:
<$MTCategoryLabel dirify="1"$>
Ordinarily, HTML code in a post is parsed and displayed with the specified formatting encode_html forces it to display with the code.
Example usage:
Post is entered as <b>bold</b>, displays normally as bold. Using <$MTEntryBody encode_html="1"$> causes it to display as <b>bold</b>
Similar to encode_html but with Javascript code.
Encodes content suitable for use in a URL. For instance, a space becomes %20
Example usage:
<$MTEntryTitle encode_url="1"$>
Displays with formatting if HTML entities are present in post.
Example usage:
Post is entered as &lt;b&gt;bold&lt;/b&gt;, displays normally as <b>bold</b>, <$MTEntryBody decode_html="1"$> causes it to display as bold.
Similar to decode_html but for XML entities
Displays the content with the specified N number of digits, pads with zeroes if the content is fewer than N digits.
Example Usage:
<$MTEntryID zero_pad="N"$>
Strips out all HTML tags except those specified.
Example usage:
<$MTEntryBody sanitize="em"$> will remove all HTML except the <em> tags in the content, which will display normally.

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