August 12, 2011

Getting Started with Typepad

Once you have registered with Typepad, you may have some questions about how to get started. This article will provide some tips and ideas for getting started with your new Typepad blog.

Publish a Post

For information on creating posts, see Overview of Compose. All of your posts are available within your blog Archives. You can add a link to your archives to your Sidebar or Navigation Bar when you Organize Content.

Manage & Reply To Comments

By enabling comments on your posts, you can open up a dialogue between you and the readers of your site. At Settings > Comments, you can determine if you want to moderate comments &/or allow unauthenticated comments. Or enable Disqus commenting on your blog to get more advanced comment management options (recommended). See the article on setting up Disqus commenting to get started!

From the Comments tab for your blog, you can manage comments submitted to your post by changing the status of comments to Publish, Unpublish, Spam, or Delete.

You can also reply to comments directly on your blog.

Configure Your Blog's Design

Typepad has built-in tools for configuring and customizing your blog design. We have several different themes to choose from in Design > Choose a Theme > Apply a Theme. You can also create a custom theme using the Theme Builder, defining your own fonts, colors, and a banner image if you wish. Unlimited, Premium, and Business Class bloggers also have the option to completely customize the look of their blog using Advanced Templates or Custom CSS.

Select and Organize Content

Besides adding posts to your weblog, you can also add content to the blog's sidebars. We have different Types of TypeLists for various purposes, like adding lists of links, books, and music. You can use the Embed your own HTML Module or a Notes TypeLists to Display Custom Content and HTML to add in badges, buttons, and images. There are other great options to add to your sidebar when you Organize Content, including adding feeds from other sites.

Photo Albums

You can create Photo Albums to store and display images. We have variety of themes you can apply to your photo album. Each of your photos can have a caption, location information, dates and technical information about the photo. As with your TypeLists, you can also add your photo albums to your blog sidebar when you Organize Content.

Important Dashboard Links

The Blogs menu provides easy access to each blog on your account.

The Library link on your Dashboard provides easy access to your Photo Albums, TypeLists and the File Manager.

Clicking on your name in the Dashboard will bring you to your Typepad Profile, which you can edit by then clicking the Edit Your Profile link.

The Account link has many options to help you manage your account. You can create an About Page, manage and update billing link other accounts, set up and manage domain mapping, and set up password protection.

Finally, the Help link is where you go when you have questions. You can open a new ticket for support, view older tickets, and find a link to the Typepad Knowledge Base.

Further Information

Now that you have gotten a brief overview of how Typepad works, here are a few pages to bookmark:

Typepad Knowledge Base
The first place to look when you have questions.
Everything Typepad
Our news blog with updates, how-to articles, and tips about Typepad.
Typepad Status
Typepad service reports and maintenance updates are available on the Status site.

Have any other questions? Search the Knowledge Base or ask the community of Typepad experts by posting to the forum.


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