August 09, 2011

Follow Me Module

By adding the Follow Me module to your blog's sidebar, you can make it easy for other Typepad members to follow your updates across Typepad within their own Typepad dashboard.

Only Typepad bloggers can follow your blog with the Follow Me module, but anyone can subscribe to your blog's feed. To set up your blog's feed, see the articles on feed settings and adding email subscriptions.

At Design > Content, select the About You category and choose Follow Me from the modules list. Click the "Add this module" button to include it in your blog's content. You'll be prompted to select to Display "following" and "followers" counts and click OK.

To remove the Followers/Following counts:

  1. Go to Design > Content for your blog.
  2. Click the yellow, pencil icon next to the Follow Me module.
  3. Uncheck the box to Display "following" and "followers" counts and click OK.
  4. Finally, click Save Changes to update your published blog.

NOTE: Removing the counts does NOT disable the ability for users to follow you.

Advanced Templates: Follow Me module tags

If you are using Advanced Templates for your blog's design, you can copy the tags below into your templates.


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