August 17, 2011

Using the File Manager

The File Manager allows you to upload, manage and delete files stored in your Typepad account. Use the Library link in the dashboard navigation to access the File Manager. Note, this feature is available to all Pro plans.

File Manager

On the File Manager page, there are three areas: Current Folder, Upload a New File, and Create a New Folder.

Current Folder

Under Current Folder, you will see the path to the folder you are currently viewing. You can click on any of the folders in the path to go to that folder.

Below the folder name is a listing of the files and subfolders in that folder. For each file, you will see Filename, Size, Date Uploaded, Link, and Delete.

Put a check next to each item that you wish to delete. If a folder has items in it, you will not be able to delete it. However, you can delete empty folders.
The name of the file or subfolder.
The size of the file, in kilobytes. Folder sizes are not given
Date Uploaded
The date and time that the file was uploaded. Dates are not given for folders.
Click on the chain link icon to open a pop-up window that contains code you can use in a blog post to link to the file.

At the top of the list of files, next to Filename, you can Check All and delete at the bottom of the page. This is handy if you wish to delete multiple items at once. You can uncheck the all box to clear the checks by all items. Press Delete to delete all checked items. You will need to have at least one item checked to be able to delete.

Upload a New File

Click the Browse or Choose File button to open a file or files on your computer. After selecting the file, the filename will show in the field to the left of the Browse button. Then click Upload to upload the file.

To upload multiple files, hold down the Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (Mac) in the Files list on your computer as you select each file. Then, click Open.

Uploaded files cannot contain a space in their name or you will receive an error message about ASCII characters. If this happens, simply rename the file so it doesn't contain spaces and click Upload again.

Note: Not all file types are visible when uploaded to the File Manager. We do not recommend uploading XML or INC files to your account since you will not be able to remove the files later.

Create a New Folder

In the Create a New Folder area, you can create a new folder inside the folder you are currently viewing. Enter the name you wish to give the folder. The folder name should contain only letters and numbers. After entering the name, press Create to create the folder.

Additional Options

You can also upload images and files to your account via the Insert Image and Insert File options in the Compose a New Post screen, which can then be inserted directly into your post.

The File Manager can be used to add password protected content to your account. See the article on Add Password Protected Pages And Files To Your Site for more information.


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