June 04, 2013

Connecting Your Feed To FeedBlitz For More Feed Options

FeedBlitz is a third-party tool which makes it easy to track your subscriber statistics and email subscribers new posts. FeedBlitz can be easily integrated with your Typepad blog.

FeedBlitz is an alternative to FeedBurner for enhancing your blog's feed. If you previously had your blog connected to FeedBurner, jump to the instructions for disconnecting from FeedBurner.

Why should I connect to FeedBlitz?

  • See statistics on circulation of feed, top posts, and track subscribers.
  • Monetize your feed.
  • Optimize your feed for podcasting.
  • Easily distribute updates to your blog to subscribers via email and social media.
  • Splice your feed with other services you use, like Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube.

Sign Up For FeedBlitz

To sign up for FeedBlitz:

  1. Go to the FeedBlitz site: https://www.feedblitz.com/f/f.fbz?UserRegister
  2. Enter your email address and password and click the Register Now button. An email will be sent to you from FeedBlitz.
  3. In the email from FeedBlitz, click the Click here to confirm your registration link. You'll be prompted to sign in again.
  4. Click the Start Now button.
  5. You'll next to be prompted to enter your credit or debit card details. You will not be charged by FeedBlitz until the end of the 30 trial, and you can cancel the Premium plan anytime.

To add your blog's feed to FeedBlitz:

As of June 2014, FeedBlitz is transitioning to a new user interface. The instructions below are for the new interface and may be slightly different if your FeedBlitz account is not using FeedBlitz V4.

  1. Sign in to FeedBlitz: https://www.feedblitz.com/f/f.fbz?
  2. Click New Feed.
  3. Enter your blog's web address (URL) or RSS feed URL.
  4. Select whether site is Public or Private. If your blog is password protected, select Private and enter the username and password set for your blog.
  5. Click Create.
  6. Edit the Feed Name and address or stick with the FeedBlitz defaults. Avoid using a feed address which is long or difficult to remember.
  7. Click Continue.

Connecting To FeedBlitz

In Typepad, you can connect your blog to FeedBlitz to have your FeedBlitz feed be the default feed.

  1. In Typepad, select your blog from the Blogs drop-down menu, click to Settings > Feeds.
  2. Click the Connect FeedBlitz button. If you do not see this option, you will need to disconnect from FeedBurner.
  3. Enter your FeedBlitz feed URL. i.e. http://feeds.feedblitz.com/example
  4. Click Save.

FeedBlitz Feed Connect

Disconnecting From FeedBurner

If you were previously using FeedBurner as your feed enhancement service, you can easily transition to FeedBlitz and keep all your current subscribers.

It's easy to migrate from FeedBurner to FeedBlitz, and you can find information in the FeedBlitz knowledge base on migrating to FeedBlitz without losing subscribers.

In Typepad, you will need to disconnect your blog from FeedBurner before you can reconnect. At Settings > Feeds, click to Disconnect From FeedBurner and confirm the change.

Disconnect FeedBurner

Once you have disconnected from FeedBurner, you'll see the option to connect to FeedBlitz.


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