August 15, 2011

Featuring a Post

Featuring a post allows you to keep a post on top of the front page of your blog. This is a helpful way to welcome readers to the blog or highlight an important post or announcement. Only one post can be featured at a time and the Featured Post will remain on top of the blog even as new posts are displayed below it.

Account Levels: This feature is available to all Pro plans.

To feature a post on your blog, go to Blogs > Posts and open the post for editing. Look for the Feature This Post section on the right side of the page.

Feature Post

Put a check in the Feature This Post box to mark your post as featured. If you have another post that was already marked as featured, that post will be removed as featured and the new post will be featured in its place.

Your Featured Post is marked on the Posts page with a yellow star and highlight. This can be useful if you forget exactly which post you had featured.

Removing a Featured Post

To remove a post as featured, clear the Feature This Post checkbox while editing the post, and save your post by clicking the Publish button.

Additional information on Featured Posts

  • New posts will display below the Featured Post.
  • The Featured Post will not be included in the Recent Posts list in the blog sidebar even if it is among the 10 most recent posts.
  • Only one post can be featured at a time. Setting a new Featured Post will displace an existing Featured Post.
  • A Date Header is not displayed with the Featured Post, but the Featured Post includes the same footer as other posts on the blog.
  • A Featured Post is only included in the Blog Index, or Front Page, of your blog. The Category and Archive indexes do not include a Featured Post.

Featured Posts in Advanced Templates

If you are using the default Advanced Templates, your blog will automatically display your Featured Post at the top of the front page of your blog. However, if you have customized your templates, you may not have the necessary code to display a Featured Post properly.

You will want to make sure to include the code from the MTBlogIfHasSticky container in the Main Index Template.


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