August 15, 2011


The Favorites feature provides a fun and easy way for your readers to engage with posts without having to leave a comment. Please note that customizations of this feature is available to our Pro plans.

While all readers can see the Favorites feature with each of your posts, only registered and authenticated Typepad members can Favorite content. Because registration is required to use the feature, you will be able to see the profiles of the readers that are favoriting content on your blog. Additionally, Favorite events will show up in the follower activity streams for those readers, thus driving more visibility and traffic back to your blog through their network.

Note: Blocked users will not be able to favorite your post or page.

Favorites will show as an icon in the post footer on the main blog level, each archive page and on the post/page permalinks. Your readers will see a button for Favorite, which they can click to select the post or page. This action can also be reversed.

Post FeedbackThe number of times a post or page is favorited will be visible on dashboard activity streams and when editing the post or page.

Enabling Favorites

To enable Favorites, go to Design > Content, and edit the Post Footer or Page Footer. Select the option for Favorite and click OK. Note that the Favorites feature on your published blog will always show as an icon. There isn't a text option for Favorites.

Advanced Templates

The Favorites button can be added to an Advanced Template using the <$MTEntryFavoriteLink$> tag. For full instructions, see Adding the Favorite Button in an Advanced Template.

Notifications for Favorites

Notifications for Favorites are turned on by default. To disable this notification, go to Account > Notifications and de-select ...another user marks my content as a Favorite.

Viewing a Typepad Member's Favorites

While visiting a Typepad Profile, you will see the number of posts the member has favorited in the left sidebar. You can click through the Favorites link to see a listing of the content that has been favorited.


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