July 01, 2011

Integrating Facebook with Typepad

Typepad offers several features which allow you to connect to Facebook and share your blog posts:

Connect your Typepad account to Facebook
Connect your Facebook account to Typepad to allow sharing of posts.
Sharing Posts to Facebook
Automatically share new posts on your Facebook Profile.
Share Posts to a Facebook Fan or Business Page
Set up your Facebook Page to be updated when you publish new posts.
Facebook Like Button
Allow visitors to your blog to Like your blog &/or posts.
At Settings > Comments, you can allow commenters to also share their comments on Facebook.
Facebook Friend Finder
Follow other Facebook friends who also blog on Typepad. After connecting to Facebook, go to the dashboard click the "Find people to follow" link to view your Facebook friends.
Facebook Badges
Using the Embed Your Own HTML module at Design > Content, you can add the code for any of Facebook's Badges to your blog's sidebar.

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