August 15, 2011

Registering with an External Account


Typepad offers registration through several third party services like Twitter, Facebook, Google, MySpace, etc. To register, you will first log in here, selecting the service of your choice from the Sign in with menu.

Services like Twitter and Facebook will provide a link where you will allow Typepad to access your account information. Other services, like WordPress, will provide a form where you can enter your URL for your blog or site at that service.

Sign In To External Account

After signing in, you will complete the registration form to start your new Typepad account. The email address field is required so Typepad can send you notifications (comment notifications, account alerts, etc.). The email address on your account is not used for signing in; it is just used for notifications. You can update it at any time via Account > Summary.

Signing In

To sign into your Typepad account, access the log in page and use the Sign in with menu to select the service you registered with. Because you do not have a separate Typepad password, you will need to log in with the third party service whenever you'd like to access your Typepad account.

Add Typepad Password Recommended

When you register with an external account, you can also set up a Typepad password. Sign in to Typepad using your external account and click to the Account settings. Click the "Add a password" link. Then you will be prompted to add a password to your account. Once you have added a password, you can use the email address and password for your account to sign in instead of the external account.

Note: If you do not already have an email address added to your account, you will also need to enter an email address at Account > Summary and click Save Changes. A confirmation email will be be sent to the new address with a unique link to confirm the changes.

Account Information

Password Updates

When you register through a third party, your password is set in your account at that service. For instance, if you've registered with your Facebook account, you'll need to update your password in your account there, rather than in your Typepad account.


In most cases, Typepad will pull in your user icon from the third party service as the userpic for your Typepad Profile. You can change the userpic by going to the Edit your profile link on the dashboard page. This will not change the user icon for your other account.

Add A Blog

With Pro plan, you can add a blog to your Typepad account. If you have a free plan, click the Upgrade link at the top of your account, choose your plan, and complete the form to start a free trial of Typepad Pro. Once your account is upgraded, you'll be able to create 2 or more blogs and take advantage of the thousands of designs available.


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