August 12, 2011

Enabling Comments

Comments are enabled on a per-post basis. For example, you might want to allow comments on a post where you're asking for the opinions of visitors to your site but not allow comments on other posts on the same blog.

To enable comments for a post on the Compose page (or Edit a Post page if you are making changes to a preexisting post), choose one of the following from the Comments menu:

Visitors can leave comments on the post and comments will be displayed.
Visitors can no longer leave comments on the post, but older comments will still be displayed.
Comments are not allowed on the post, and older comments (if any) will not be displayed.

Be sure to save the post after you have selected or made changes to the Comments menu.

Comment Options and Management

See Blog Settings: Comments for more information on:

  • Holding comments for approval before publishing
  • Setting your default comment status
  • Comment authentication settings

See Managing Comments for more information on approving, publishing, and managing your comments.


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