May 08, 2017

Embed PDF Files in a Post or Page

A PDF (portable document format) file can be uploaded to Posts and Pages using the Insert File tool. This option adds a link to download the PDF file to the body of the post or page. If you prefer to allow the file to be read within the body of the post or page, the download link can be edited to embed the file.

Step 1: Upload the PDF File

On the Compose page, click the Insert File button.

Insert File

Click Choose File or Browse to select the PDF file and click Upload File. A Download link will be added to the post or page.

Download Link

Step 2: Edit HTML

Next, click the HTML tab to view the code for the download link.

Edit Html

The code for the download link will be similar to:

<p><a href="">Download My File</a></p>

Edit the code around the file URL to match the below.

<p><embed src="" width="600px" height="800px" /></p>

The width can be adjusted to fit the size of your blog. The height can be set to your preferred size for reading.

After editing the code, you can click back to the Rich Text editor to continue composing the post or page. Remember to save as a Draft often.

Updated 08 May 2017

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