August 18, 2011

Changing Your Email Address

All email from Typepad, including comment notifications and billing emails, are sent to the email address in the Account Information. It is important the email address is up to date.

Edit Account Information

To change your email address, go to Account > Summary and enter the new email address. The address should be entered as a single, plain email address such as without extra characters. Click the Save Changes button.

The email address displayed in the Account Information will not change immediately. You will need to confirm the new email address before the Account Information will update.

Confirm New Email Address

After clicking Save Changes, an automated email from will be sent to the new email address. The email will contain a unique link. Click the link to confirm the change in address and the Account Information page of your Typepad account will open in a new browser window. The new email address will now be displayed in the Account Information.

The "Email Me" link displayed on your blog or About Me Page will update with the new email address automatically.

Please note the email address you use to sign in to Typepad will switch to the new email address as well. As soon as the change of email address is confirmed, you'll need to use the new email address and your password to sign in.

If you do not see the email from in your Inbox, it may have been misrouted as spam. Check the junk or spam mail folders within your email account for the email. You may also want to add to your list of approved senders.

The email address in your Account Information is used to send important email from Typepad regarding your account. This includes new comment notifications, Help Ticket replies, and information related to billing for your account. It is important that the email address is valid and current.

Why do I receive the "Email address is already in use" error?

Each Typepad account requires a unique email address. If your email address is being used for another account, you will receive the "Email address is already in use" error and the email address will not change.

Is the email address displayed on my site?

The email address and other information in the Account Information is not displayed on your blog or About Me Page by default. You can select to display an Email Me sidebar link in your blog's sidebar at Design > Content, or on your About Me Page.

If you choose to display your email address on your About Me Page or your blog sidebar, your address will be automatically encoded for protection against most spam harvesters. However, if you are concerned about privacy, keep in mind that the most surefire way to protect against spam harvesters is to never display your email address at all.


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