November 16, 2011

TypeLists: Edit List

TypeLists are sidebar modules which are available to be added to any blog in your account and the About Me Page. Since TypeLists are not created per blog, TypeLists are different than other modules and are not edited within your blog's design.

TypeLists are available with all Pro plans.

If you haven't already, you can create a new TypeList at Library > TypeLists > Add A TypeList. See the article on creating a new TypeList for more information.

Manage TypeLists

To manage TypeLists, open the Library menu and select TypeLists to view all TypeLists created within your account.

Manage TypeLists

From the list of TypeLists, you have quick links to Publish, Settings, and Add an item for each TypeList.

To delete a TypeList, open the More options menu and select Delete this TypeList. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion. Deletion of a TypeList can not be undone.

Add TypeList Item

At Library > TypeLIsts, click the Add an item button to add a new item to the list.

For Links TypeLists, you can use the Quick Add box to enter the URL for the website you wish to add and click Go. Or you can manually complete the Title, URL, and Notes fields and click Save Changes to add the item.

The URL must include the http:// in order for the link to valid.

For Books and Albums TypeLists, use the Quick Search box to search for items in the Amazon database. Select the thumbnail image you wish to display from the results and click Choose Selected. Make any additional edits and click Save Changes to add the item to the list. For more information on Books and Albums TypeLists, see the article on using Amazon with Typepad.

For Notes TypeLists, enter a Label and/or Note and click Save to add the item.

After adding a new item, you may need to increase the number of items set to display for the list. Click Settings, increase the number of display items, and click Save Changes. See the article on TypeList settings for more information.

Edit TypeList Item

At Library > TypeLists, click on the title of the TypeList to view all the items in the list. Click the item label to edit it. Make any necessary changes and click Save Changes to update your blog with the changes.

Delete TypeList Item

At Library > TypeLists, click on the title of the TypeList to view all the items in the list. Check the box next to the item you wish to remove and click Delete. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion of the item. Deletion of an item can not be undone.

An item can also be deleted from the Edit page by clicking the Delete link in the lower, right corner.


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