December 05, 2011

Edit Image In Post Or Page

After inserting an image into a post or page, you can make changes to the image size and alignment, add a caption, and add special effects.

From the Rich Text editor, double-click on the image to open the Edit Image pop-up. Please note editing the image is not available when using the Thumbnail Gallery.

Standard Options

After making any changes to the Standard Options, click the Save button at the top right of the pop-up box to apply the changes to the image. Please note you will not see the changes to the Standard Options reflected in the Edit Image preview.

  • Caption A caption will be added below the image in a different font size and style from the post body text.
  • Border Select a border width from the drop-down menu. Select Solid, Dotted, or Dashed for the border style. Click in the color code field to open the color selector pop-up.
  • Image Size
  • Description The description will appear when you hover your mouse of the image and is also known as the image title. Search engines also use the image title to categorize the image when it is indexed.
  • Alignment
  • Link to full-size image

Aviary Options

Aviary is an image editing tool which has been integrated with Typepad to give you nearly 20 more ways to configure an image included in your blog posts. Click on any of the icons to adjust the settings.

To utilize the Aviary options, your images will need to be a certain size depending on your Typepad plan. You may be prompted to resize the image before you can apply the edits or upgrade to a higher plan to take advantage of the special effects. For Premium, the images can be up to 2000 pixels. For Unlimited, 1200 pixels. For Plus, 800 pixels. The Standard Options, including adding captions, are available for any images regardless of size.

Photo Editor Options

Rotate the image 90° or 180°.

Flip the image left, right, up, or down.

To Crop the image, the drag the handles on the box. Check Maintain proportions to keep the ratio of the image height and width the same as the original image.

To remove Redeye, select brush size to match size of red spot and click on the spot.

To remove a Blemish, select brush size to match size of blemish and click on blemish. The blemish will be replaced with the same color and texture of the surrounding area.

The Colors of the image can be adjusted by changing the red, blue, and green levels.

Adjust the color Saturation from black-and-white to full saturation.

Adjust the Brightness of the image from dark to light.

Adjust the Contrast to affect the color and brightness of the image.

The Drawing function allows you to draw directly on the image in various colors and widths. Use the Eraser to remove any unwanted graffiti to reveal the image underneath again.

Add Text to the image. Enter your text in the field, select a color, and click OK. Drag-and-drop to place the text over your image. Use the handles on the box to re-size and rotate the text.

Add Stickers to liven up your image. Drag-and-drop to place the sticker. Use the handles to re-size and rotate.

The Blur setting allows you to blur the image.

Sharpen the image.

Apply the Toy filter to give your image a toy camera look.

Apply the Old Photo filter to give your image an antique look.

Apply the Retro filter to give your image a Polaroid look.

Use Auto to have the image optimized automatically.

Using the arrows in the top menu, you can review the customization options. Click on the tool you wish to use to make changes. You'll see the changes reflected in the preview image. If you don't like the changes, click Cancel. If you do like the changes, click Apply. You can many changes in one editing session and click Apply before moving from one tool to another.

Edit Image Apply

After completing your edits to the Standard &/or Aviary Options, click Save to update the image within your post or page.

Edit Image Save

To opt out of applying any changes to the image, click the Cancel button in the lower right corner of the Edit Image box.


  • Flash needs to be enabled in order for the advanced image editing tools to load.

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