August 16, 2011

Domain Mapping Requirements

Domains are set up with a registrar separately from Typepad. In order to use domain mapping, your registrar (the company where you register your domain name) must support "custom DNS services." This means that your registrar gives you control over the DNS records that describe your domain, and that you must have the ability to create and modify A, MX, and CNAME records.

Note: Domain Mapping is available with Plus, Unlimited, Premium, and Business Class plans.

If you're not sure if your registrar supports custom DNS services, here is a suggested message that you can send to them via email or their customer support area:

I'm using Typepad ( to host my blog. Typepad supports a feature called domain mapping, where my domain can be pointed at their servers. In order to use this feature, my registrar must support custom DNS services. I need control over the DNS records that describe my domain, and I must have the ability to create and modify A, MX, and CNAME records. Do you offer such a service? Please send me more details on how it works and how I can turn it on for my account.

Suggested Registrars


GoDaddy's Total DNS Control is included with domain registration and gives you control over custom DNS services for your domain.


pairNIC calls its custom DNS services Custom DNS. Custom DNS is included with every domain registration for no additional charge. Instructions on enabling Custom DNS are available on the pairNIC site, as well as tips and suggestions for using custom DNS. pairNIC also offers a feature called Domain Parking to easily set up domain mapping with Typepad, which you may find easier to use than Custom DNS.


Dotster calls its custom DNS services DNS Management. DNS Management is available if you use dotster's name servers for an additional yearly fee. Dotster offers instructions for setting up DNS Management services for your domain in their knowledge base.

Network Solutions

Network Solutions calls its custom DNS services Advanced DNS. Advanced DNS is available for an additional yearly fee. Instructions on setting up Advanced DNS are available at the Network Solutions site.

You can choose from any of the above registrars or from another registrar that you know to support custom DNS services and allows for the configuration of a CNAME record.


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