December 31, 2012

Domain Mapping: Dreamhost

Dreamhost is one domain registrar which supports editing the CNAME Record in order to set up Domain Mapping for your Typepad blog.

Adding CNAME Record At Dreamhost

1. Log into Dreamhost account.

2. Open the Domains option in the Main Menu on the left side of the page.

Dreamhost Main Menu

3. Select Manage Domains in the Domains sub-menu.

Domains Menu

4. Click the DNS link below the name of the domain you wish to edit.

5. In the Add a custom DNS record to... section, there are 4 areas to fill out:

  • Name: www
    If you are using a subdomain, enter the subdomain (e.g. "blog").
  • Type: CNAME
  • Value:
    Enter your Typepad account domain which can be found at Account > Summary. i.e.
  • Comment: (optional)

Add Custom DNS Record

6. Click Add Record Now!.

Dreamhost automatically forwards the non-www to the www, so nothing further needs to be done in order for your blog to available without the www.

Adding Domain To Typepad Account

1. In Typepad, go to Account > Domain Mapping and click Begin Here.

2. Enter the domain name with the www unless you are mapping a subdomain. i.e. or

3. Select to map your domain to the entire site or an individual blog. If you map the domain to the entire site, all blogs and albums in your account will use the mapped domain.

4. Click Add Domain Mapping to add the domain to your account.

Before activating the domain, verify the CNAME Record changes at Dreamhost have resolved. See the article on verifying the CNAME for more information.

5. After verifying the CNAME Record for the domain has updated, click to Activate the domain to complete the set up.

If you have added links to the Navigation Bar or other custom modules, you will need to update the modules to link to the newly mapped domain. At Design > Content, click the pencil icon next to any modules which need to be updated.


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