March 01, 2014

Setting Up Disqus Commenting

Disqus is a third-party comment application which can be integrated with your Typepad blog providing you with more comment management options.

If you have already set up Disqus commenting for your blog, see the article on Managing Disqus Comments for details on Disqus settings and managing comments.

1. Register with Disqus

If you don't already have a Disqus account, you can register for free here:

2. Enable Disqus Commenting

At Settings > Comments, click the link to enable Disqus commenting.

Enable Disqus

If you do not see the Disqus option, disable Typepad Connect first. Disqus commenting can not be used if Typepad Connect is enabled. At Settings > Comments, scroll to the end of the page and click to disable Typepad Connect.

You'll be prompted to sign in to Disqus and grant Typepad permission to access your Disqus account. Typepad needs permission to read and write comments on your blog and to verify your Disqus account information. Typepad only requests the necessary permissions to utilize Disqus on your blog and does not share any information.

3. Connect Blog to Disqus

After signing in to Disqus, you'll be directed back to your Typepad account. If you have already added your blog to Disqus, it will be listed in the drop-down menu. If the drop-down menu does not contain your blog, go to the Add Disqus to your site, enter your Site name, and Disqus URL. We recommend using the Blog Name and Folder Name for the Site Name and Disqus URL, respectively.

If you plan on adding Disqus comments to multiple blogs, it is recommended that a different Site name and Disqus URL is set for each blog. You'll still be able to manage all blogs from one Disqus account.

Disqus Set Up

Selecting a Category is optional. Click Finish Registration. Select Typepad.

You do not need to complete the next steps at Disqus. Return to your Typepad account at Settings > Comments and refresh the page to see your blog added to the drop-down menu.

In Typepad, go to Settings > Comments, select your blog from the drop-down menu, and click Save Changes.

4. Import Comments to Disqus

With Disqus commenting enabled and your blog connected to Disqus, you can import any previously submitted comments to Disqus.

In Typepad, go to Settings > Comments and click the Export Comments button. Depending on the number of comments, the export can take some time to complete.

Right-click, or for Mac OS key Ctrl+click, on the Download link and select to Save Link As or Save Target As. Make note of where the file is saved on your computer.

Download Comments Export

Click the link to open the dashboard for your Disqus blog.

Import Comments

Or go to Disqus, select Discussions, and Import. Choose the Generic option.

Import Comments

Click the Browse or Choose File button, locate the export file on your computer, and click Open. Finally, click Upload and import.

Imports can take some time to complete, and Disqus will send an email when the import has finished. (For information on setting your Disqus email address, see the Disqus help article on editing your profile.)

Please note the Block List for your Typepad blog will not be imported to Disqus. Instead, you can use the Blacklist and Whitelist at Disqus to manage blocked content. Learn more.

5. Manage Comments at Disqus

Comments will be managed from Disqus. You can sign in to your Disqus dashboard here:

There is also a direct link to your Disqus dashboard at Settings > Comments in Typepad.

See the article on Managing Disqus Comments for information on managing comments.

Disabling Disqus Commenting

Before disabling Disqus commenting, please consider that comments submitted through Disqus can not be transferred back to your Typepad blog.

To remove Disqus comments, go to Settings > Comments and click the link to disable Disqus commenting.

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