August 18, 2011

Displaying Photo Albums on Your Blog

After creating a Photo Album and adding images to it, you may wish to link to the album from your blog's sidebar. This will allow readers to easily access your albums directly from any page on your blog.

Account Levels: This feature is available to all Pro plans.

Basic Templates

If your blog uses a Basic Template, you can select Photo Albums to display in your sidebar(s) from the Design > Organize Content page. Password Protected albums will not be available to display on your blog.

Single Listing

To display all of your public albums in a single listing, go to Design > Organize Content and choose the Your Photo Albums option under Links to Your Blog's Content category. The thumbnails for each Photo Album is the most recently uploaded image to that album.


Note: This option is not available with Mixed Media Layouts.

Individual Albums

You can select individual photo albums for display and then arrange them on your blog independently of each other. To select specific Albums, choose Photo Albums under the Categories selector.


If you are using a Classic Layout, you can arrange the order the Photo Albums display in the sidebar by dragging and dropping the Album modules. Press Save Changes after you have set the desired order for content modules.

Displaying Albums Using a TypeList

You can also add photo albums to your blog's sidebar using a TypeList. Use this method if your Photo Albums are password protected but you'd still like to link to them from your blog.

If you wish to display text links to the albums without displaying thumbnail images, you can use an item in a Link TypeList, entering the URL for the album as the Link URL.

Alternatively, you can upload a custom thumbnail image for the album via Library > File Manager and use a Notes TypeList to display the image and a link to the album. The code you use should look something like this:

Displaying Albums Using Advanced Templates

The <$MTGalleriesInclude$> tag displays a list of your photo albums in an advanced template. This listing will display a thumbnail image for each album that links to that photo album. The thumbnail is of the most recent image uploaded to that album.


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