January 29, 2014

Display Post Excerpts

You can display excerpts of your posts on the index pages of your site using the Auto-Generated Excerpts or Split Extended Entry features.

Display Excerpts of All Posts

The Auto-Generated Excerpts feature displays excerpts of all posts on the index and archive pages. To enable excerpts for all posts:

  1. Go to Settings > Posts.
  2. Scroll down to the Auto-Generated Excerpts section.
  3. Check the box to Display excerpts instead of full posts on index and archive pages.
  4. Set the number of words to include in the excerpt.
  5. If you also want to display a thumbnail image with the excerpt, check the Show thumbnail image with excerpt box.
  6. Click Save Changes.

Auto-Generated Excerpts Settings

The excerpt displayed on the index and archives page of your site will be generated from the content of the Excerpt field on the Edit Post page. If you do not add content to the Excerpt field, the number of words set in the Post Settings will appear. A Read more… link to the individual post page will follow the excerpt.

With the show thumbnail image option selected, the first image added to the post will display as a 200px wide thumbnail image to the left of the excerpt.

Excerpt Preview

Display Excerpts In Advanced Template Set Designs

The above settings to display excerpts on the index pages for all posts works for blogs using a pre-made theme or Theme Builder design. For blogs using an Advanced Template Set design, replace the <$MTEntryBody$> tag with:

<$MTEntryExcerpt remove_html="1"$> <a href="<$MTEntryPermalink$>">Read more</a>

in the Main Index, Category Archives, and DateBased Archives templates to display only excerpts of posts. Learn more about the options available in the Post Tags article.

Other details of note:

  • All formatting is stripped from the excerpted content, including hyperlinks. This is to prevent HTML added for formatting from being broken in the excerpt.
  • Featured posts will not be displayed as excerpts on the main index with the excerpt option enabled for all posts. Use the Split Extended Entry feature (see below) to break up a Featured post and add an Continue reading… link.
  • Known Issue: For shorter posts which contain fewer words than the designated excerpt length, the Read more link will still display.
  • This option does not change how the blog's feed is displayed. To set excerpts for the blog's feed, go to Settings > Feeds. Learn more.

Display Excerpts of Individual Posts

To display excerpts of some, but not all posts, use the Extended Post (Split Extended Entry) feature. Learn more.

In the Compose toolbar, there is an icon next to the Spellcheck icon. Clicking the icon will insert the Extended Entry marker. Below is a screenshot of the icon itself:

Split Extended Entry

You can insert the marker anywhere you wish in the post. You can click and drag the marker to move it to a new location. If you'd like to remove the Extended Entry marker, click on the icon in the toolbar.

Extended Entry

Other details of note:

  • The Post Preview shows you the individual post page. You will not see the Continue reading... text when previewing your post since you preview the full post and not an index where only the excerpt would appear.
  • In HTML, Markdown, or Convert Line Breaks mode, you can also click the Split Extended Entry button in the toolbar to add the <hr class="at-page-break" /> tag to your post. You will need to copy the code and paste it in a new location if you want to change the location of the break.

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