July 16, 2012

Deleting And Managing Uploaded Images

Images can be uploaded to your Typepad account in 3 ways:

  • Images and other files can be uploaded directly to your account at Library > File Manager.
  • When composing posts and pages, use the Insert Image button in the Rich Text toolbar to upload images to your account.
  • An import of posts will automatically upload any public images linked in the imported file to your Typepad account.

Images Added Via The File Manager

Files uploaded to the File Manager can be managed at Library > File Manager. Due to the ease of deleting and replacing files in the File Manager, we recommend uploading images which are going to be used in your blog's design, like a background image or images included in the sidebar, to the File Manager.

Deleting Images From The File Manager

You can permanently delete any images which were directly uploaded to the File Manager. Go to Library > File Manager, check the box next to the file you wish to delete, and click the Delete button at the end of the page. You'll be prompted to confirm the deletion as the action can not be undone.

Images Inserted Into Posts

When an image is uploaded to your Typepad account using the Insert Image function or during an import of posts, the images are stored in a hidden folder within your account. Please note password protected photos will not be uploaded on import.

The format of the image URL is similar to:

Deleting Images Inserted In Posts

The inserted images are not accessible for management in the File Manager.

To remove an image from a post or page, select the image by clicking on it or highlighting the image in editor. Then, key Delete. Deleting the image from the post or page does not permanently delete the image from the Typepad server, and you will still be able to view the image directly at the file URL.

In some cases, you may wish to permanently delete an image from your account. You can request the image be permanently deleted by opening a ticket at Help > New Ticket (Pro bloggers only).

Exporting Images

When you export your posts from Typepad, image and other files uploaded to your account are not included in the export. Typepad will automatically upload the images linked during an export, but other blog services may not upload the images. If you would like a backup of the images uploaded to your Typepad account, you can make a request by opening a ticket at Help > New Ticket (Pro bloggers only).


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