August 12, 2011

Setting Your Default Blog

All Typepad accounts allow you to select one of your blogs as the default. Please note that this feature is available to all Pro plans. The default blog can be accessed from the shorter URL for your account:

If you only have one blog on your account, that blog is automatically your default or home blog.

With multiple blogs, the first blog that you create will automatically show at your main URL. The default blog will also appear first in the blogs listing on your Dashboard.

You can set a new blog as the default at any time. From your Dashboard, use the drop down arrow next to the blog you'd like to make the default. Click the Make this the default blog link.


A pop-up window will open that will prompt you to confirm the change. After confirmation, the page will refresh with the new default blog as first in the blogs listing.

Now when you view your main URL, you will see the blog you just set as your home blog.

Additional blogs can be accessed from the full URL which includes the subdomain for the account and the folder name of the blog. For example:

Additional Tips

  • You can use your Default blog as a main access point for all your sites by including links to all your blogs and albums in one location. Readers will only need to know the shorter URL.
  • If you want to use a unique URL for each blog, you can set up Domain Mapping.


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