August 16, 2011

Declined Credit Card Transactions

"Transaction declined" means that, for whatever reason, your creditor is declining the purchase. Often, this is due to being over the credit limit or not having enough funds for the transaction, but it could also be a card hold for security reasons. In addition, this could happen due to an AVS mismatch.

Another common reason for this error is that the security code you entered with your credit card information is incorrect. Each time that you update your credit card information, even if you are just saving it again without having made any changes, you will need to enter the security code anew. This is for your protection, so that no one can submit your credit card for billing unless they know and have entered the security code.

If you have verified that the security code is correct, we recommend that you contact your creditor to see why the transaction is being declined. This message is coming from your creditor rather than from Typepad; it is the response we get back from your creditor when we submit your billing information to them.

To check the credit or debit card being billed and the amount, go to Account > Billing Info in your Typepad account.

If you still encounter problems after talking with your creditor, feel free to open a help ticket.


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