August 18, 2011

Customizing Your About Page

The About Me Page is a special page that displays information about you and lets visitors know more about your interests and your blog. Note, this feature is available to all Pro plans. Your About Me page is located at:

http://<your Typepad domain>

Or, if you have mapped a domain to your entire site:

http://<your custom domain>/about.html

You can display a link in your blog's sidebar that goes to your About Me Page by selecting the Link to Your About Page module Design > Content.

Configuring the About Me Page

To set up your About Me page, click the Account link to access your Account information, then click the About Me Page link in the left sidebar to configure your About Me Page and add content.

Preview your About Me page by clicking the Preview button. Click Save and Publish for any changes to be applied to your About Page.

Choosing Content

Check the boxes for the items you would like to display on your About Page. You can choose to display your account, profile information and TypeLists. The Biography field can accept some basic HTML. Consider what sort of content you feel comfortable allowing the general public to view. For example, if you do not wish to be contacted by email, do not include your email address.

Be extremely cautious when including personal information such as your location (other than a general area) or other forms of contact information. If in doubt, just omit any information, as you can always add it in later.

Using a Display Name

If you would like to display your identity on your site using a nickname instead of your First and Last name, fill in a Display Name under the Summary link in the left sidebar of the Account information page.Then, when customizing your About Me page, uncheck the box for your Name and check the box for your Display Name. This will display your Display Name as the author of your posts on your blog and for your About Page banner.

Choose a Style

To change the design of your About Me Page, select a style from the drop-down menu beneath the Biography field. The Classic style is a basic style with a white background and black text. You can also choose to use an existing style from your account or you can create a new design to use just for your About Me Page at Design > Choose a theme.

Write your own HTML page

Unlimited, Premium, and Business Class plans have the option of creating their own custom design for the About Me Page. To do this, click to select Write your own HTML page. You can use a combination of HTML and About Me Page Template Tags, which are featured in the sidebar to the right of the About Me Page Template HTML box.

Enter the HTML for your About Me Page template into the box below. Please note that you will need to include all of the HTML used for creating a web page. You can see what your page will look like by clicking the Preview button. When you are satisfied with the appearance of your page, click the Save and Publish button; your changes will be applied to your About page.

Important: If you're not comfortable writing or editing HTML, using the default About Me Page template is recommended.

Adding Additional About Pages

Each Typepad account comes with one About Me page that pulls the information from the account holder's Profile settings. If you would like to create multiple "about" pages, for either individual blogs or for your guest authors, you can use the Pages feature.


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