August 15, 2011

Custom Sidebar Content

Custom content, including ads, images, and widgets, can be added to your blog's sidebar. How custom content is added to your blog will depend on the design of your blog.

For specific information on adding images to your sidebar, see the article on adding sidebar images.

Embed your own HTML module

At Design > Content, select Embed your own HTML from the Modules list. Click the Add this module button. A pop-up window will open where you can add the code or other content to the HTML field.

You can enter a Label to describe the content added to your sidebar. The Label will not display on your blog, only within the Content list for reference.

Custom HTML modules are best for content added to only one design or blog within your account. Unlike a TypeList, a title does not display above the custom HTML module. The module can be used for displaying ads, widgets, tracking scripts, plain text, HTML, etc.


From the Library menu, select the TypeLists option and click Add a TypeList to set up a new list. If you are adding HTML code, a script, widget, or text, we suggest using a Notes TypeList.

When using a TypeList, the Title will display on your blog. More information is available about setting up and using TypeLists in the adding a TypeList article.

We recommend using a TypeList if you'd like to share the content on one or more blogs within your account. TypeLists can also be used on a per-blog basis.

Advanced Templates

When using an Advanced Template Set for your blog's design, custom sidebar content can be pasted or coded directly into the sidebar template or module, or using a TypeList.

To add the content directly to the sidebar template, go to the Design tab and select a template. Enter the code in the preferred location in the template and save changes to the template.

If you'd like to share the same content across multiple blogs, you can use a TypeList. Then, the TypeList include tags can be added to your sidebar templates.

<$MTListInclude name="TypeList Name"$>

The sidebars will update with any changes made to your TypeList without the need to edit the templates.

More information is available in the TypeList Tags article.


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