August 12, 2011

Connecting to FeedBurner

FeedBurner is a feed management provider that can help you optimize your feed.

If you would like to use a FeedBurner feed for your Typepad blog, you will first need to register for a FeedBurner account.

Why should I set add a FeedBurner feed?

  • Get statistics for the subscribers to your blog.
  • Add content to your feed. FeedFlare can be easily added to your feed. FeedBurner also offers many other features you can add to your feed, including images and ads.
  • Make it even easier for readers to subscribe to your feed. Add FeedBurner's subscribe link to your blog's sidebar, and subscribers will go to a FeedBurner page in HTML with links to popular feed readers that you can use to subscribe to the feed.
  • Set up email subscriptions. Offer an option for your readers to receive a daily email when you publish new posts. More information is available in the article on adding email subscriptions.

Configuring FeedBurner

Please note the instructions do not apply to the beta version of FeedBurner. To follow the instructions below, click the Old interface link in FeedBurner.

Log in to your FeedBurner account and look for the Burn a feed right this instant field. You will enter your blog's URL in the field and click the Next button. FeedBurner will automatically find the feed URL for your blog.

On the next page, set a Feed Title (typically the name of the blog) and a Feed Address. The feed address will be in the form You will specify the feed name portion of the URL.

Click through the remaining option pages until you reach the You have successfully updated the feed page.

Add FeedBurner Subscribe Widget To Blog

In FeedBurner, go to Publicize > Chicklet Chooser. Select the type of subscribe link you wish to add to your blog and click Use as a widget in Typepad. You'll be directed back to Typepad to select which blog you wish to add the widget.


Some subscribers with blogs using special characters like ampersands (&) and apostrophes (') in their blog title have reported issues when trying to connect their blog to FeedBurner. We recommend removing these special characters and then repeating these steps if you experience this issue.

Why is my feed too large for FeedBurner? If you are seeing an error when attempting to connect to FeedBurner, your feed may be too large. Most commonly you'll see this issue with errant code included in a post in your blog's feed. Check the HTML for recently created posts and remove any errant code. If you're unsure what to look for, post to the forum with your blog's address to get additional help troubleshooting.


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