August 19, 2011

Compose Formatting Options

Typepad offers several compose formatting options to provide you with more flexibility in how you create your posts.

Rich Text

The default setting for Compose shows the Rich Text editor, with the full editor enabled. You can read about Rich Text formatting here. If you see slowness while using the full editor, you can try switching to the Lite Editor via the link directly below the editor.


To view or edit the HTML for your post, click on the HTML tab. Here, you can make edits to the HTML for the post or paste in snippets of your own HTML or JavaScript.

HTML format options

While on the HTML tab, you will see an arrow that opens a drop-down menu with several options. The default option is Rich Text/HTML, which will allow you to use all of the Rich Text options as well as edit the content of the post via the HTML tab.

If you would like to compose your post in plain text, choose the Convert Line Breaks option. This will turn off the Rich Text editor and you will see the code for the post. You will also notice that some of the Rich Text formatting options are unavailable. This is the expected behavior as those options only work in Rich Text.

When you are in Convert Link Breaks mode, the tab will say Convert Line Breaks and the Rich Text tab is hidden. To return to Rich Text, click the arrow next to Convert Line Breaks and select Rich Text/HTML from the drop-down menu. This will return you to the HTML tab and the Rich Text tab is visible again. Click on it to return to the Rich Text editor.

If you are pasting in code or content from another source, like Microsoft Word, Dreamweaver or another content editor, the Convert Line Breaks option will provide the best result.

The HTML drop-down menu also has the Markdown option, which you would enable if you like to compose your posts using Markdown. Markdown is a special mark-up language for formatting your posts, which you can read more about here.

You can also use standard HTML in Markdown mode, so that it serves as a second plain text formatting option.

Like with Convert Line Breaks, when you are in Markdown mode, you will only see the Markdown tab. To return to the Rich Text editor, click the arrow and select Rich Text/HTML from the drop-down menu.


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