November 17, 2011

Completing The Getting Started Tasks

On your account Dashboard, you can go through the getting started tasks to set up your account. When you complete the registration process for your Typepad Pro account, you have already completed 10%.

Completion of the getting started tasks is not required for your blog to be live. The getting started tasks are meant as a guide to help you set up your blog and become active in the Typepad community. You can close the menu by clicking the up arrow at the end of the list.

To complete any task, click on the task label directly from your dashboard. Or click the ? for the task to view more information.

Complete your profile

To complete your Typepad Profile, go to the Edit Profile page for your account. Add a userpic, update your Profile URL, and enter other information about yourself. Click Save Changes to update your Profile.

See the article on editing your Typepad Profile for more information.

Personalize your blog

At Settings > Basics, edit your blog name and add a blog description. Click Save Changes to update your blog.

See the article on blog settings for more information.

Find people to follow

Click the Find people to follow link on your dashboard to connect your Typepad account to Facebook. Find Facebook friends who are also Typepad bloggers and begin to follow their Typepad Profiles. You'll receive updates of new activity from anyone you follow directly in your Typepad Dashboard.

Make your design great

Go to the Design tab for your blog to customize your design or start a new design by clicking the Choose a theme button.

Change the number of columns on your blog by switching Layouts. Add sidebar modules by editing the Content. Use one of the Knowledge Base tips and add Custom CSS to make major or minor changes to your blog's design.

Leave a comment or favorite

Visit other Typepad blogs, like Everything Typepad, and comment on a post or click the Favorite button.

See the article on How can I give feedback on other blogs? for more information.

Post with text, photos, or videos

Publish posts to your blog and add multimedia. Images, Audio, and Video can be embedded in your posts by clicking the insert buttons within the Rich Text editor.

Share to Facebook and Twitter

Add your Facebook and Twitter accounts at Account > Other Accounts to share your new posts with your friends and followers.

See the article on Sharing for more information.

Post by email

Grab the secret email address for your blog at Settings > Post by Email and publish a post to your blog via email.

See the article on Post by Email Settings article for more information.


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