December 12, 2011

Why are comments not displaying?

If you are not seeing comments displaying on your posts or commenters are reporting problems submitting comments, there are a few settings for your blog you can check to resolve any issues with commenting. We've outlined the most commonly reported problems and solutions to help you troubleshoot below.

No comment form is appearing on my posts.

When the comment form is not appearing on the individual post page, check:

Are comments enabled for the post? From the Posts list, posts with closed comments are indicated by the icon. Posts with open comments will have the icon next to the post title.

To enable comments for the post, check the box next to the post title on the Posts list, select Open Comments from the More Actions menu at the end of the list, and click Go. See the article on managing posts for more information.

Are you using Typepad Connect for comments? If you are using Typepad Connect comments, the comment script may be conflicting with other script on your page. Try disabling Typepad Connect to see if that resolves the issue. At Settings > Comments, scroll down to the end of the page and click to disable Typepad Connect. Existing and future comments will not be impacted by disabling Typepad Connect, and you can install Typepad Connect again once the conflicting widget or module is removed.

Is CSS being used to hide comments? If you are an Unlimited or higher subscriber, you can use the Custom CSS feature to make changes to your blog's design. The addition of some CSS can hide the comments on your blog.

At Design > Custom CSS, remove any CSS code similar to .comments-open { display: none; } which would prevent the comment options from displaying and click Save Changes to update your blog. If you had previously installed a third-party commenting system on your blog, like Disqus, the CSS would have been added to hide the Typepad comment form.

Comment disappeared after it was submitted.

Comments held for moderation are the most likely reason why a comment doesn't appear immediately below the post. Even if you don't have comment moderation enabled, any comments which are suspected as spam will not be published until approved.

When comment moderation is enabled, a message will appear to the commenter stating the comment is being held for approval only if you are not using Typepad Connect. With Typepad Connect, you may want to add a note to your blog informing your readers comments will not be published right away. You can use the Embed Your Own HTML module to add the note to your blog's sidebar.

To disable comment moderation, go to Settings > Comments, uncheck the Yes, hold comments for my approval, and click Save Changes. Suspected spam comments will still be moderated even with moderation for all comments disabled.

To review suspected spam comments, go to the Comments list and select spam comments from the drop-down menu. Using the shortcut menu, any legitimate spam comments can be published to the post.

Lengthy comments and comments containing a lot of links are likely to be held as suspected spam.

Cannot accept this data error message received when comment is submitted.

The We're sorry, we cannot accept this data. error is due to a session timeout caused by leaving a page static for too long before submitting a comment. After receiving the error, the page can be refreshed and the comment resubmitted without error.

If you continue to receive the error, we recommend clearing your browser's cookies as a corrupt cookie can cause the session to end abruptly. Information on clearing browser cookies is available here.

Only some of the submitted comments are displaying on the post.

On a post which has a large number of comments, the comments will paginated, and you can click the navigation link at the end of the comment list to view more comments submitted to the post.

To change the number of comments displayed per page, go to Settings > Comments and set the Comments to Display. You can set the maximum number of comments per page to up to 100. Then click Save Changes to update your blog.

To emphasize the links to view more comments, go to Settings > Comments, enter the text you wish to appear as the Navigation Links, and click Save Changes.


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