August 19, 2011

Blog Settings: Comments

At Settings > Comments for your blog, you can set your feedback preferences to control the default behavior for comments on your blog. Only blog owners are allowed to set feedback preferences. The settings apply to all Authors of the blog. Some features are only available with a Plus, Unlimited, or Premium plan. Guest and Junior Authors do not have access to change the blog settings.

If you are using Typepad Connect for your comments, the comment settings will be slightly different.

Comment Authentication

Typepad is set up for comment authentication.

  • Yes — Comments are authenticated via a Typepad, Facebook, or other external service.
  • Optional — They can enter account info if they choose.
  • No — Commenters will not be able to sign in to comment.

With the Typepad free plan, authentication is required for all comments and can not be disabled. To disable authentication, upgrade to one of the paid plans.

Unauthenticated commenters

Select whether you want unauthenticated commenters to be required to submit an email address along with their comment.

  • Require Email Address — Users can submit comments without a Typepad account, but they will be required to input an email address. Email addresses will not be displayed on the blog.

Require readers to have JavaScript enabled to comment

To prevent spam comments, we recommend requiring JavaScript to be enabled in the commenter's browser in order to submit comments. Most browsers have JavaScript enabled by default, and this setting will go unnoticed by a majority of commenters.

As of May 2015, the CAPTCHA verification feature has been retired in favor of the more effective method of requiring JavaScript.

  • Yes, require all commenters to have JavaScript enabled. Readers without JavaScript enabled in their browser will see message asking for JavaScript to be enabled instead of the comment form.
  • No, allow readers without JavaScript to comment. Everyone will see the comment form and be able to comment, including spammers.

With Typepad Connect comments enabled, JavaScript is already required to comment.

Comment Moderation

If you choose to hold comments for approval, all comments posted to your blog will remain unpublished until the Author of the post or blog Owner has approved them.

See the article on managing comments for more information on publishing comments held in moderation.

Auto-close comments

If you select to Auto-Close comments on posts, comments will be closed after a period of One Week to One Year depending on the selection in the drop-down menu.

Recommended! We recommend setting comments to close on older posts to help reduce spam comments.

Comment Formatting

  • With Allow limited HTML selected, commenters will be permitted to use HTML in submitted comments; otherwise, HTML will be stripped out.
  • If you choose to not allow HTML in comments, the option to Auto-link URLs will be available. If selected, all URLs submitted in a comment will be transformed into links.

Please note that only selected HTML will be allowed even if you choose this option. This includes basic formatting tags like <b> or <strong>, <i> or <em>, <a>, <p> and <br />, <blockquote>, and <ul>, <ol>, and <li>. Other code, including <img>, is stripped out to protect against harmful or malicious code in comments damaging your page.

Typepad Connect Comments Display

Enable Typepad Connect Comments to set up Threaded comments or a numbered list of comments. These options will only appear with Typepad Connect enabled.

  • Threaded - With Threaded comments, you will be able to reply to individual comments, and the replies will appear indented below the comment.
  • List - A List of comments will appear in the order added by date. Listed comments have the option to be numbered.

Comment Display Order

The order of Comments can set to Oldest First (ascending order) or Newest First (descending order) below the post.

A post marked as Featured will display at the top with all other posts displaying below in the display order selected.

Comments to Display

Sets the number of comments to display - from 1 to 100 per page. If more comments are posted than what is set to display, you can use the navigation links to move between the pages of comments.

Comment Userpics

Enabling this option will allow Typepad to show a userpic (avatar) for each commenter. If the commenter is logged into their Typepad or Typepad Profile account, you will see their associated Typepad user icon. Users who are not logged in through Typepad will have a default icon.

Learn more about adding a Profile photo.

Comment Sharing

By allowing comment sharing, signed in commenters will be able to share their comments on Twitter, Facebook, and other services.

Navigation Links

The Navigation Links are used to allow readers to navigate through multiple pages of comments. Previous and Next are set as the default link titles, but you are welcome to change these to display whatever wording you would like.

Email Notification

With Notify the author of the post when new comments are submitted selected, the Author of the post will be sent an email with information about the new comment. (Only the Author of the post will receive email notification. Blog Owners will not receive an email on a comment submitted to a Guest Author post.)

Make sure the email address for account is current in order for the notification emails to be received. Learn more.

By default, accept comments...

If you choose to Accept Comments by default for Posts and/or Pages, the Comments option on the Compose page will default to this option. This will affect all future posts and pages and has no effect on previously published content.

Typepad Connect

By clicking the Yes, enable Typepad Connect comments link, you can enable the Typepad Connect comment system which allows you to set up threaded comments. See the Typepad Connect Settings article for more information.

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