July 01, 2011

Facebook Comment Syncing

Typepad blogs can now have their comments synced with Facebook. This allows any Facebook member, who has previously liked your blog, to leave a comment on either the blog or the Facebook newsfeed post and have it synced to appear in both places.

Please note Typepad Connect comments do not allow for comment syncing.

Connect Blog to Facebook

First, you will need to connect your blog to Facebook and allow Facebook members to Like the blog.

At Settings > Sharing, click the "Connect your blog to Facebook" link. Click the Connect button to prompt the Like button to be displayed. If you are not already signed in to Facebook, you will prompted to sign in. Then, click the Like button. Facebook will then prompt you to give permission to Typepad. You'll be able to select an existing page associated your Facebook profile or create a new page for your blog.

Once you have added the Like button to your sidebar, visitors to your blog can Like your blog and receive notifications of new post directly on their Facebook wall. Then, they can comment on the posting to their Facebook wall.

When you click to Like the blog, it is not the same as liking an individual post. We would recommend adding the option to Like both your blog and posts.

Password protected and private blogs will not have the option to sync comments with Facebook.

More detailed information is available in the Add Facebook's "Like" Widget article

Enable Facebook Syncing

At Settings > Comments, check the box next to "Facebook Comment Syncing" and click Save Changes. This option will be greyed out if your blog is not public or connected to Facebook at Settings > Sharing.

Commenting on Facebook

Any Facebook member who has liked your blog will receive notifications of new posts in their Facebook newsfeed. Then, they can comment directly on the post in their newsfeed or on the Facebook Page which will then be synced to display on the blog.

Things to note:

  • Typepad will fetch comments from Facebook approximately every 15 minutes. Comments will not appear on your blog post from Facebook instantaneously.
  • Comments submitted via Facebook will be managed on Facebook, not within your Typepad account.
  • Comment notification emails will not be sent from Typepad. You can adjust your Facebook notification settings to receive emails of new comments.
  • The number of comments on your blog for the post will include the Facebook comments. The comments from Facebook will not be counted in your Typepad account.
  • There is a limit of 1000 comments synced with Facebook per post.
  • The Facebook avatar and link to the Facebook profile will be included with the comment content and time stamp on your blog.

Commenting on your blog

When submitting a comment on the blog, any Facebook member who has liked your blog can sign in to Facebook or Typepad to comment. If you do sign in to Typepad, your Facebook profile must be linked to your Typepad account at Settings > Other Accounts. Their comment on your blog post will then also be displayed on the Facebook update announcing your new post.

Things to note:

  • If the comment is deleted from Typepad, the comment will still display in the Facebook newsfeed, and you will need to delete the comment from Facebook to completely remove it.


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