May 22, 2015

Creating a New Design

A new design can be created for your blog any time. You can choose from the hundreds of pre-made themes, create your own design using the Nimble Design Lab or Theme Builder, or be adventurous and code your own design using an Advanced Template Set.

Tip: If you're looking to revamp your blog's design, create a test blog to configure your new design, so your readers don't see the work in progress. Then, you can go live with the new design on your main blog seamlessly in a couple clicks. Learn more.

Create a New Design

From the Blogs menu, select a blog, click the Design tab, and click the Choose a Theme button to get started.

Choose a Theme

Use the menu on the left to choose a category or select All to scroll through all the designs.

Choose a Theme

Select any design to see the design details and any available options for colors, layouts, and more. After selecting a design, click the Choose button on the right to start editing the design.

Choose a Theme


All paid levels of Typepad have the option to choose from all available pre-made themes and the Nimble Design Lab. The free plan offers a limited number of pre-made themes.

For more details about some individual themes, see the articles on the following themes:

Customizable Designs

Plus, Unlimited, Premium, Enterprise, and Business Class plans will see the option to select from the Customizable design options as well as the pre-made themes.

Nimble Design Lab (Recommended!)

The Nimble Design Lab offers you dozens of options to create a custom, professional design that looks great on all devices from small phones to large monitors. The responsive Design Lab makes it easy to apply unique fonts, upload background images, and much more! Learn more.

Theme Builder

The Theme Builder will allow you to choose many design options without having to code HTML or CSS. Learn more.

A responsive option is available for the Theme Builder in Beta.

Advanced Templates

Unlimited, Premium, Enterprise, and Business Class plans also have the option to fully customize their design templates for their blog by creating an Advanced Template Set. Learn more.

An Advanced Template Set is a blog design that can be customized through direct editing of HTML, CSS, and Typepad template tags. Please be aware that we only recommend the use of Advanced Templates if you have strong HTML and CSS skills. Once you create and apply an Advanced Template Set to a blog, all of your template changes must be coded as there is not a graphical user interface to make changes quickly.

Further Customizations

Unlimited, Premium, Enterprise, and Business Class plans have access to the Custom CSS feature, which will allow you to make even more customizations to your blog's theme via CSS. Learn more.

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Need design help?

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