August 19, 2011

Creating a new design

From the Design area for your blog, you can click the Choose a Theme button to select a new theme for your blog.


All Pro and higher levels of Typepad have the option to choose from all available pre-made themes. For free, Micro blogs, you can choose from a few of our favorite themes.

Choose a Theme

Select to view the Themes available by Featured, New, Customizable, All, or by category. Select one of the available themes and click the Choose button. You can also click Preview to see a larger version of the theme.

Once you have selected your Theme, you will see the options available to customize the theme. The options available will vary depending on the theme selected. The Chroma and Mosaic themes, for example, allow you to upload a custom Banner image. You can also edit the Colors, Layouts, and Content.

After the theme options are complete, check the box next to Apply this design and click Save Changes to update your published blog.

For more details about some individual themes, see the articles on the following themes:

Customizable Designs

Plus, Unlimited, Premium, Enterprise, and Business Class plans will see the option to select from the Customizable design options as well as the pre-made themes.

Theme Builder

The Theme Builder will allow you to choose page colors, fonts, an image banner, and many other options without having to code HTML or CSS. After selecting to Choose a theme, you can choose to view the Customizable themes and select Theme Builder. Finally, click the Choose button to begin editing your custom theme.

For more information on the Theme Builder settings, see the Theme Builder article.

Advanced Templates

Unlimited, Premium, Enterprise, and Business Class plans also have the option to fully customize their design templates for their blog by creating an Advanced Template Set.

An Advanced Template Set is a blog design that can be customized through direct editing of HTML, CSS and Typepad template tags. Please be aware that we only recommend the use of Advanced Templates if you have strong HTML and CSS skills. Once you create and apply an Advanced template to a blog, all of your template changes must be coded by hand using Typepad tags, HTML and/or CSS. There isn't a graphical user interface to modify or select items for your templates.

For more information on customizing a template set, see the Overview of Advanced Templates article.

Further Customizations

Unlimited, Premium, and Business Class plans have access to the Custom CSS feature, which will allow you to make even more customizations to your blog's theme via CSS. See the article on Custom CSS for more information and check out the CSS Tips & Tricks.

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