August 16, 2012

Can the author of a post be changed?

Yes, the author of a post can be changed after it has been created.

From the Compose page for the post, open the Authors menu above the Post Status, select an author, and click to Publish or Save the post.

Author Archives

This feature is in Beta. Join the Typepad Beta team to check out all the new features at Account > Summary. Learn more.

When posts are imported to Typepad, the blog owner will be assigned as the author of all imported posts. Even if the imported posts were created by multiple authors originally, the imported posts are created within the blog owner's account during import, and the blog's owner will be assigned as the author of all imported posts.

The author of the posts will need to be reassigned to the original author after import. You can use the More Actions tools from the Posts listing for the blog to change the author of multiple posts at once. Learn more.

The author of a Page can not be changed.

Updated 10 November 2015


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