August 17, 2011

Canceling Your Typepad Account

If you have a paid Typepad Pro account, please go to the Canceling a Pro account section. For Typepad Micro accounts, you can delete your blog and keep your profile to leave comments in the Typepad network. If you'd still like to remove your profile, take the steps in deactivate your account as described below.

Canceling a Pro account

If you're considering canceling your paid Typepad account, we'd love the chance to speak to you about it first. Often issues and problems can be solved easily with the help of your support team, simply by opening a ticket!

To open a support ticket, just click on the Help link in your Dashboard, then click the New Ticket link in the left sidebar. Tell us a little bit about why you're considering cancellation, and click Create Ticket. Your support team will be happy to talk to you about any questions that you might have. We're committed to resolving any issues and keeping you as a subscriber.


By canceling your paid plan, your Typepad account will automatically be downgraded to the free Typepad Micro plan. One of your blogs will remain available with access to the free Typepad Micro plan features only.

You'll also maintain access to your commenting and following history on the dashboard, and your profile will remain active.

Once you cancel your paid membership, the deletion will take effect immediately. There are no refunds for partial months. If you pre-paid for a year of the service, we can not refund your payments for the remaining months.

If you have a monthly payment plan, your account is paid up through the end of your current month of service. If you have a yearly payment plan, your account is paid up through the end of the year for which you subscribed.

Again, this balance is not refunded if you cancel your account before the end of the period for which you have paid as mentioned in the Typepad Terms of Service.

Any promotional codes or lifetime discounts associated with your account will be discarded. If you choose to sign up for the Typepad service at a later date, your current codes will not be carried over, and you will be required to pay full price for the service.

You can cancel your Typepad account at any time during your 14-day trial and you will not be charged.

Guest Authors

This downgrade does not affect your guest status on other blogs. You will be able to remain a member of any blog for which you are currently a Guest Author, Junior Author, or Co-Owner.

Canceling Your Account

Please contact Typepad Support by submitting a support request first if you have any questions or you're unclear about any of the terms of cancellation.

To cancel, click the Account link at the top of any page in your Typepad account. Click the Billing Info link on the left side of the page. Then, click the Cancel Pro Plan link under the Billing Summary heading.

You must agree to the terms of cancellation. After cancellation, you will receive an email message confirming cancellation of your Typepad paid account.

Deactivating your Micro or profile accounts

If you have a Typepad Micro or a profile account, you can deactivate your account at any time. Click the Account link in the upper, right corner of your Typepad account. Then, click the "Cancel my Typepad Account " link. After reviewing the cancellation information, check the box next to "Yes, cancel my Typepad Account " and click the "Cancel my Typepad Account" button. You will be prompted to confirm you are sure you want to cancel your account again. Click OK to finalize your request. A confirmation email will be sent to you.


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