May 24, 2011

Supported Browsers

While we do our best to test the Typepad application on as many browsers and platforms possible, we recommend the latest version Firefox for best results.

Download the latest version of Firefox for Windows and Mac here.

Additionally, we routinely test and support the following browsers:

Internet Explorer 9+ for Windows

Internet Explorer logo

Firefox 15+ for Windows and Mac

Firefox logo

Safari 5+ for Windows and Mac

Safari logo

Chrome 21+ for Windows and Mac

Chrome logo

  • When viewing feed URLs directly in Chrome, the feed will display as text instead of an easy to read HTML page like other browsers. We recommend connecting your blog to FeedBurner to make sure your feed URL displays options to subscribe regardless of which browser is being used.
  • Download latest version.

Opera 10+ and 11+ for Windows and Mac

Opera logo

The + sign indicates the most recent, non-beta version of the browser. Typepad does support some older browsers, but for best results, use the latest stable (non-beta) build of your preferred browser.

If you are having difficulty using a Typepad feature, like the Rich Text editor, we suggest upgrading to the newest available version of your supported browser.

Notes on Mobile Browsers


Safari logo

  • Rich Text editing is not supported in Safari for iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.
  • For iPad, the Blogsy app is recommended for posting to Typepad.

Troubleshooting: To resolve any issues you may be encountering in your browser, clear your browser's cookies and cache as described in the article on How to clear browser cookies and cache.


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