August 19, 2011

Blog Settings Overview

On the Blog Settings Overview page, you can you can edit your Blog Name, Description, and Folder Name (Note, this capability is available to all Pro plans). On the left-hand sidebar, you will see links to each of the Blog Setting areas where you will be able to make additional changes to your Blog Settings. The Blog Settings are divided into sections as below:

The home page of Blog Settings. Set your blog title, description, and folder name.

Set your log publicity, sitemap, and meta tags.

Share your posts with friends on other social networks and on your Typepad Profile.

Set up easy integration with Google's Analytics service.

Enable and manage your feeds and connect to FeedBurner.

Set your default posting options, including pagination options and date/time formats.

Add, edit, or delete the categories for the current blog.

Set comment preferences, including moderation, authentication requirements, and pagination options.

Manage existing authors, and invite new authors. (Unlimited, Premium, and Business Class accounts only.)

Post by Email
Access your secret posting address, reset it, and choose your notification preferences for emailed posts.

Import content from another blog or service or create a text-file backup of your current blog content.


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