August 16, 2011

Blog Settings: Feeds

Users of all Pro plans have the option to enabled a feed for blog posts and comments. The feeds can be used to deliver the content of your posts to a feed reader or other website.

What is a feed?

The term "feed" is used to describe an XML document published by many blogs that contains a list of recent posts and entries made to the blog that publishes it. This document can be read by other blogs as well as applications called "feed readers" or "feed aggregators" in order to automate the process of syndicating your blog's content or for generating links to your blog.

Visitors to your site can subscribe to your syndicated site feed (your RSS feed) in a desktop or web-based news aggregator. This allows your visitors to automatically know when you've updated your site and to read your content in a variety of different applications.

Feed Types


See AtomEnabled for information on Atom.

A non-functioning Atom feed URL example:


A non-functioning RSS feed URL example:

RSS 2.0

RSS 2.0 feeds are often used for podcasting. A non-functioning example:

Published Feeds

At Settings > Feeds, you can configure your feed settings for Posts and Comments.

Select Blog Posts to enable the feed for your blog's posts.

For comment feeds, select Comments on Individual Posts and Pages option. This is a universal setting for the blog, feeds cannot be selected on a per-post basis.

Comment Feeds

Comment feeds contain a list of all the comments associated with a post and allow users to stay up to date with a particular conversation taking place on the blog.

A non-functioning Comments feed URL example:

Feed Content

Select whether you want to provide Full Posts or Short Excerpts. Most blog readers who use aggregators or news readers appreciate the option of being able to read an entire post in the tool itself. If you select excerpts only, the reader will have to view the rest of your post in the standard web browser. Excerpts do not include images or HTML when viewing the feed. This option applies only to posts.

Connect to FeedBlitz

Connect your blog to a FeedBlitz feed in order to make it easier for readers to subscribe to your feed. FeedBlitz offers free features to optimize your blog's feed &/or podcast feed.

First, you will need to create a FeedBlitz account and set a feed URL. See the article on FeedBlitz for more details.

Once you have your FeedBlitz feed URL, go to Settings > Feeds and click the Connect To FeedBlitz button. In the pop-up box, enter your FeedBlitz feed URL.

Connect To FeedBlitz

Click Save to update your blog. You can disconnect from FeedBlitz anytime by going to Settings > Feeds > Disconnect.

Please only enter a valid FeedBlitz feed URL which will be similar to Connecting to an incorrect feed URL can break your feed and prevent subscribers from receiving updates.


Due to the retirement of FeedBurner's API, connecting to FeedBurner is no longer available.

If you previously had your blog connected to FeedBurner, you will be able to disconnect. You can still set up a FeedBurner feed for your blog to take advantage of FeedBurner's email subscription service.


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