August 16, 2011

Blog Settings: Categories

Categories allow you to easily organize posts into groups by topic. Each category has its own index page, which displays all of the posts assigned to that category. This will help your readers to browse your blog by topic.

At Settings > Categories, you can add, delete, and edit categories. A maximum of 300 categories can be added to your blog.

Adding a new category

From the Categories page, enter the title of the category into the Add a new category field and click Add. The new category will be added to the list.

Please note the Categories list and cloud and Archives index will not update with the new category until a published post is assigned to the category. The category index page isn't created until a published post is assigned to the newly created category.

Deleting a category

Click the Delete button next to the category in order to remove it from the list. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion of the category. Click OK to complete the deletion.

Deleting a category will remove it from your blog and the category will no longer be associated with any posts. Posts assigned to the category will not be deleted, however.

Editing a category

Click the Edit button to change the title of the category. Click Save to complete the changes.

When the title of a category is changed, the URL for the category index page will remain the same. If you want to change the name of the category and the associated link to the category, a new category will need to be created, and the posts assigned to the new category.

For advanced template designs, any references to the category within the templates will need to be updated with the new category name.

For example, if a category name is changed from NHL to Hockey, the category feed template for the related posts will need to be updated to: <MTEntries category="Hockey">

Linking to Category pages

Links to category pages can be added to the Post Footer or as a sidebar list. At Design > Content, the Category list or Cloud module can be added to the sidebar content. The categories assigned to the post can be added to the Post Footer by clicking the Edit icon and selecting Category.


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