August 16, 2011

Blog Settings: Basics

On the Blog Settings > Basics page, you can edit your blog's Name, Description, and Folder Name.

Blog Name

The Blog Name is the title that displays in your blog's text banner and in the Title bar of your web browser. It also shows as the title for your weblog in recently updated directories if you choose to make your weblog public.

Blog Description

The Blog Description is a short summary or catchphrase for your blog. It will display under the blog name if you choose to use a text banner. The description should give visitors an idea of what the blog is about. For example, "My three-month backpacking adventure across Europe."

Folder Name

The Folder Name is the name of the folder in which the blog's files are stored in your Typepad account. This folder name is appended to your Typepad web address and is used when you or your readers would like to visit or link to the blog.

For example, if your Typepad account URL was, the folder name for a specific blog might be my_blog. The complete URL for the blog would then be

Important: Changing your folder name after your blog has been published will break incoming links, will require you edit your image links, and can affect your search engine ranking. We provide this option for users who feel that it is crucial that they are able to change the path but also understand the consequences. Changing the name or description will not affect the blog's URL.


Enabling the option for Protect this blog with a password will put your blog behind a log-in prompt. Visits will need to know the username and password before they can access the blog. We have more information about password protection here.


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