August 04, 2011

Share Posts to LinkedIn Profile with Blog Link Application

Blog Link is an application for LinkedIn which you can use to display updates from your blog or website within your LinkedIn Profile.

Setting up Blog Link

LinkedIn allows you to designate up to 3 websites or blogs within your Profile. Blog Link will look for the feeds from these 3 websites to display the posts within your LinkedIn account.

Blog Link

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Blog Link find my website/blog?

Blog Link uses the feed for your site to display content within your LinkedIn Profile. The feed URL needs to be included in the head section of your site in order for the feed to be found. For example:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" 
href="" /> </head>

If you have multiple feeds linked within the head section of your website, the first feed will be used by Blog Link.

How do I un-hide one of my connection feeds?

This feature is not yet available.

Why are my most recent posts not displaying?

The most common cause of Blog Link not updating with the most recent posts is a delay with your site's feeds. FeedBurner, for instance, caches posts for awhile and may not update instantly.

Why are my posts displaying twice?

Only one URL for your blog or website should be included in your LinkedIn Profile. If you include multiple URLs for the site, like the website URL and the feed URL, the posts will display twice.

I can't see any blogs loading in Blog Link. All I see is the loading message.

First, make sure that you are using the latest version of Firefox or Internet Explorer. Sometimes Blog Link can take awhile to load all of the blogs for your contacts, depending how busy the LinkedIn website is and your current internet connection speed. Please be patient or come back later if nothing is loading.

To report any problems with the Blog Link application, you can contact LinkedIn support.


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